About Xaar 3D

Xaar 3D is a leading developer of 3D printing solutions based on High Speed Sintering technologies. This technology is a revolutionary Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing process using inkjet printheads and infrared heaters to manufacture products layer by layer from polymer powder materials at much higher speeds and lower costs than other 3D Printing processes. High Speed Sintering is therefore of interest to companies looking to use 3D Printing in volume manufacturing. 

By bringing together the world’s leading experts in printing-based powder bed polymer sintering in Nottingham (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark), Xaar 3D is developing High Speed Sintering solutions with unique capabilities to address new markets especially in manufacturing. With High Speed Sintering inventor Neil Hopkinson as a founding member, the Xaar 3D team has been working on this technology since 2003 and therefore has an unparalleled level of experience and expertise in this technology.

With substantial investment from Xaar plc and Stratasys, Xaar 3D can leverage the natural synergies between global leaders in inkjet technology and 3D printing technology.